5 Heat and Rain Resistant Hanging Ornamental Plants

5 Heat and Rain Resistant Hanging Ornamental Plants

In order to beautify the yard of the house, many people are gathered together.emanate hanging ornamental plants that also give the house an impression of acry.

However, not everyone can care for ornamental plants well and make it wither faster, even die. Especially when the hanging ornamental plants can’t stand the hot weather of maupun raining, certainly requiring more extra care.

Hanging Ornamental Plant

Well, for Mama who still wants to beautify the gardenwishful thinking, but looking for hanging ornamental plants what can withstand both hot and rainy conditions. Here are the recommendations :

1. Petunia

Petunia becomes one of the hanging ornamental plants yang produces flowers very pretty. The treatment isn’t hard either, Ma.

Moreover, this one hanging ornamental plant has sif… at which it can withstand both hot and rainy weather.

With its nature that can hold out on two weathers all at once, plants with similar flower shapes such as trumpets and very diverse color features are well suited for making a decoration for a house yard.

2. Aglaonema

Aglaonema or known for its sustenance constitutes an ornamental plant that is quite popular to the Indonesian people. This one ornamental plant becomes a plant capable of growing in weather both hot and rainy at once.

It has a unique leafy feature that is red as well as its leaf bones are green, the sustenance plant is able to beautify the yard. Besides, make air around the house became fresher because of its nature that was able to absorb toxic substances in the air.

3. Begonia

Ornamental plants with other pretty flowers that are cuckoop is popular, namely begonia. With a variety of features and flowers, the begonia plant is suitable for hanging plants as a garden dressinggan as well as indoors.

Not only that, but this one plant goes into the tansafe that is easy to care for because it can grow in both hot and rainy weather. Then from that, it’s appropriate for Mama who’s in the middle of the mensari a hanging ornamental plant that is easy in its care.

4. Lobelia

As one of the hanging ornamental plants that memiliki flowers of pretty color and variety, lobelia plants become plants that do not require much care. Lobelia can thrive without depending on the season, both hot and rainy.

With flowers that grow pretty, this plant can perched sweetly in the yard of the house and endured even in the unsettled weather.

5. Wisteria

Wisteria became a hanging ornamental plant that hadi beauty because of its color. If it grows well, the length of the wisteria can be up to 30 meters, you know.

Plants that grow in spring and are famous in This Japanese is also quite easy treatment. Moreover this includes plants that can survive both hot and cold weather. Wisteria is suitable for beautifying the yard in two weathers that exist in Indonesia.


Now these are the rows of hanging ornamental plants that are taha.n in both hot and rainy weather. How, interested in trying to grow it at home, Mam?

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