5 Tips for Making Mushola in a Narrow Minimalist Home, Need to Note

5 Tips for Making Mushola in a Narrow Minimalist Home, Need to Note

A plan to make mossola in a minimalist house? Yet it is still doubtful because larestricted hanya? Perhaps the solution could read the following tips.

Although land is limited, we may have a variety of space to occupytan.There is a bedroom, living room, kitchen, as well as a bathroom. Sometimes there is even room to relax but rarely architects or owners rumah that included prayer rooms a.k.a. mossola into minimalist houses.

Tips for Making Mushola at Home

Those of you who plan to build mossola in minimalist house with lThe atan is narrow, the following tips are as streamed from various sources.

Understand Objectives

Before setting up a small room for mossola, understand the purpose more a long time ago. Same purpose with family so there won’t be any misunderstanding later.

Know how Annda used the space? Is it just for personal use or can make guests? This will determine the location where exactly the mossola was ‘established’ within your minimalist house.

Select the Right Location

After knowing the destination, select the correct location. Remember, mossola need to be in a quiet area. You need to rest your mind and be able to pray quietly.

Choose the area of the house that could concentrate for worship, not just …al there is empty space. You are unlikely to have a prayer room next to the kitchen, dining room, or family room. Separate anyway with space your work. Select an area that is rarely used in the home.

If your minimalist house is level two then you can decide to put down mossala parallel to the master bedroom. Otherwise, choose a space as a mossala near the bedroom and away from both the kitchen and the keel room family.


After deciding where to make mossola at home, consider itukurannya its size. Consideration with the number of family members.

If make one of the rooms function as mossala then rememberlah how many people will pray at one time and how comfortable they are.

Wall, Color, and Floor

To tell if there is a mossola in your minimalist house then …rmain with the wall decorations, colors, as well as the floor. Consider whether you will choose a bright color that could evoke clovert as well as create a calm and peaceful atmosphere?

Limit By Partition

If you don’t have enough extra space to make mossola maka limit space by partition. Choose a rugged and modern wooden partition so that it leaves an impression of being quiet as well as comfortable.

You could also choose a flexible partition that you could switch tot mossola is not being used. Make sure the partition shape fits your minimalist home concept.


So are some tips on building mushola in minimalist houses.Hope this article can help those of you who are looking for tips for building mushola. Thank you.

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