6 Creative Ideas of Wall Decorations From Wood

6 Creative Ideas of Wall Decorations From Wood

Want to change the interior look of the house? Don’t bother, you can do home decorations in a simple way to create a fresher appearance. For one thing, you can attach a wooden wall ornament that is ready to perfect the interior of a minimalist house while giving the room a natural impression.

Here’s a reference to the ornamental creative idea innding of wood that you can fit in the house.

Creative Ideas of Wall Decorations From Wood

Cheap Artwork of Palette Wood

Pallet wood is often worn as a pedestal an item and is functioned as a shipping crate. Although many people throw away pallet wood delivery packs, you can use them to be transformed into artistic wall decorations and expensive impressions.

First idea, you can make a decoration dinding of pallet wood with a touch of color to attach to the living room or room. Not forgetting, you can also add certain words and sentences so that the appearance gets more interesting.

If want wall ornament of den woodgan impression is simpler, the following idea is also very suitable for you to paste. Yes, you can attach a wooden wall ornament like an example, combining several pallet wood motifs to add a new accent to a plain wall.

Artistic Floating Rack

Another idea, you can make a decoration dan inding of a floating rack or wall rack made from used wood. No need, you can make a floating rack very easily, simply make used wood as you wish, then attach it to the wall using nails.

In addition to beautifying, floating shelf busa you function for a variety of purposes, e.g. to put the display in the living room , enabled as a lightweight object-storage rack or used to store placards.

Stylish Clipboard of Wood

To beautify a workroom or rstudy money at home, you can put a wooden clipboard on one of the walls of the room. In addition to the stylish impression , the wooden wall ornament of this clipboard can be used to attach a wide range of personal objects, such as post-it notes or polaroid photos.

Wood Poster

Posters of paper material are very common be found in many homes. If you want to be different, it’s possible to attach a poster carved directly on top of a wood that is certainly much more durable, natural and unique than a paper poster. As an inspiration, you can make wooden posters with pictures of favorite characters, or wooden posters with motivational words.

Vertical Park

Other decorations, you can make tamvertikal a simple vertical of wood. Enough wallpaper exposed to sunlight, you can create a vertical garden in a house with wooden frames to pick out loads from potted plants . Generally, vertical gardens are made a lot on the front wall of the house, but you can also make vertical gardens on the side of the house athe gar is unique and distinct from most vertical houses.

Unique Photo Frame

Wooden wall decorations can also be boatedpa a photo frame that contains a wide variety of precious moments with loved ones. If bored with box-shaped photo frames, you can create unique photo frames such as circle-shaped or hanger posters .


That was some decorative creative idea. walls of wood. The idea of decorating walls of wood above is ready to make your room more charming and not boring.

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