6 How to Make Cheap, Simple Homemade Room Wall Decorations

6 How to Make Cheap, Simple Homemade Room Wall Decorations

Wall ornament is an interior model used to support keindahan a house in particular a wall. Wall decorations can be another trobo so that the room does not look plain with paint alone. Especially right now, how to make Wall Decorations is very diverse.

The wall ornament of this house can have a myriad of memeable motifsgive an additional luxurious, modern impression and a distinct touch of habitation. These room wall decorative motifs can fit your needs and desires. Well, to make the room walls look cooler, more attractive and unique, you can decorate kamar with one’s own creativity.

How to Make Room Wall Decorations

Here are 6 ways to make cheap homemade room wall decorations, simpel and easy and you can practice it right now.

1. How to make simple homemade room wall ornament

Prepare any color wallpaper paper as desired with pol motifos. Create patterns to your liking and creativity. Stick wallpaper paper on the wall by using glue. Cut paper according to pattern with Cutter. Peel off the paper according to the pattern you have just created. Tidy up unchipped pieces with a shakurna. Clean and create custom-made room wall decorations you can enjoy.

2. How to make a room wall ornament illustrated with a map

This type of wall ornament design is sometimes very unique. Already a tireyak the man who made the wall ornament illustrated the map. Because besides looking interesting and unique, even the walls of the room make it seem like a cool look. If you do not want rivets, you can order map designs on wallpaper manufacturing services. Guaranteed the bedroom will seem increasingly classy.

But for those of you who want to make a room wall decoration with a map of senself, you can use used ferns or used fabric. Then shape the map image and the evil of the used clothes according to the pattern on the map. After that attach it to the wall of the room by way of nailing or by wearing a frame. Rooms must look even cooler.

3. How to make room wall ornament from photographs

One of the easiest Room Decorations to make is from photos. Other than easy to make room decorations from photos, it is quite simple and cost-effective. You don’t have to spend money buying figures because your favorite photos can be directly attached to the wall. You just have to make a rough pattern like a heart. Then paste the photos. You fit those patterns. Then the result will seem beautiful and funny.

4. How to make room wall ornament from used VCD tapes

Perhaps today’s VCD tapes are already often forgotten even very jarang people playing it. However, although many of those VCD tapes are no longer in use, it does not mean that those VCD tapes should be discarded. By utilizing VCD tapes to decorate rooms and give the impression of a blink blink for room walls.

If you have multiple compact disks then it is ideal for usean as a very cool ornament. Yes, so at least you can recycle as well as DVD tapes instead of throwing them away. You can use them in the room as unique wall decorations as well as classics.

5. How to make a room wall ornament butterfly shape

This room ornament may be very suitable for use by females. Decorating a room with butterflies can be an option for you women who want to give an elegant and girly impression on her room. How to make the butterfly ornament itself is easy. You only need colorful folding paper, scissors, and adhesive glue.

For the color of the folding paper certainly depends on your taste. If you prefer a similar color, then just use cartons of the same color. If you prefer color – impressed decorations, then playing with cardboard colors may certainly be a choice and a custom – made living room ornament. Paper scissors so that it forms a kupu-fly, then templify it with adhesive glue on your room wall

6. How to make room wall ornament from ice cream sticks

Definitely the ice cream sticks aren’t working, especially for those of you who want to.ice cream right. But have you ever thought that ice cream sticks can be one of the things that can decorate even beautify your room. The methods are as follows:

You can attach this ice cream stick to a board, then immerse itit becomes a house, garden etc. Then, use wood paint to give color, after that just stick it in your room. Simple work with tools and materials that are also simple, but certainly impressively unique even elegant.


Well that was a variety of ways to make easy room wall decorations but the busa gives a unique look.

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