7 Easy Ways to Set Up a Study Desk That Is Spiritual and Productive

7 Easy Ways to Set Up a Study Desk That Is Spiritual and Productive

Did you know that the condition of the study table has a profound effect on pyour rodivity? Not only does it have to be messy, incorrect alignment can also make this happen.

One powerful way to overcome this is to set the ulang study table. Let’s try to change your study table settings to make mind back fresh. Because even proper alignment can minimize distraction toIf you study.

How to Easily Set Up a Study Desk

Here are 7 inspirations for rearranging your study desk.

Get All Items Off the Top of Your Desk

Resetting the study table should start by emptying the table …your learners. To this end, remove all items on the table and collect them in a single container.

Sorting Out Items Still in Use and Not

Once the table is empty, sort the items you collected before uIf you put it back on the study table.  If you have difficulty, you can follow Marie Kondo’s decuttlering method. Hold the item, when you feel happy when touch it, then it means the item is worth keeping.

Discard the Papers whose Usage Is No Longer Relevant

It can’t be denied anymore, there must be a lot of papers with my rangman the subject matter you use to study. When you have worn them, you will often gather them together, which sometimes makes you often. dizzy to find really important papers. Then throw away the paper if you feel the contents are no longer relevant to you.

Label Each Item

Labeling item A, item B, and whole important item di your desk will make it easier when you search for the item in the future. You don’t have to waste time looking at one-on-one what it is, especially if it’s shaped similar-looking. Enough with looking at the label, then not much time is wasted.

Simply Put Useful Items On the Table

Believe it or not, unused items will only make you mIt’s been diffracted. To this end, from now on it is best to separate which items should be on the table, and which items should be in the drawer. preferably letacckan only the goods actually used. For example like a laptop, one notebook, and one pen.

Purchase Floating Shelf To Minimize Space Use

If your room is small in size, you should be smart about choosing wadah storage. Do not allow the existence of the container to make the room more sumpier and narrower. One way is to choose a floating rack that can hang on the wall.

Add Study Table With Ornamental Plants

To refresh the eyes, you can add live ornamental plants in corner a table. Besides beautifying the look, the presence of plants is also good for air circulation.


That’s the article about 7 Easy Ways to Set Up a Study Desk Spiritual and Productive. Hope inspiring.

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