How to Make Seats From Used Tires

How to Make Seats From Used Tires

Many craft products can We produce from unused used materials like used car tires.

In addition to reducing and rescuesn environments, we can also create and channel our creative ideas. From the former used goods only seen sebIt’s eye-catching, but if we can afford to make use of it or recycle it people will definitely not take it for granted anymore.

How to Make Seats From Used Tires

Turorial this time we’ll be membersfish how to make chairs out of used tires. Its easy and simple manufacturing process can you try it yourself at home, following tutorial on how it is made

Tools and Materials :

  • Used Tires
  • Rope Wood mine
  • Layered Wood
  • Wood Vernis
  • Shooting Glue
  • Electric Drill
  • Multiple Bolts
  • Scissors

How It Works :

1. Use an electric drill to scrubangi parts of triangular boards and tires. Make several loosening holes for where to attach the bolts.

2. After all holes are completed dibuat, the next step is to attach a bolt to the hole you made earlier.

3. Once all holes are installed, roll a mine rope over a board, paste it using firing glue, tape it neatly up to the top of the papan enclosed wooden mine rope.

4. perform step three up to semua the passage covered by his wooden mine rope. squeeze with firing glue carefully and tidy it up.

5. Settle all closed prohibitions with mine rope, just cut the end of the rope left.

6. Last step, stay percantic with vernis. Cover it thoroughly to the level and even a pretty chair is finished. One would not suppose that this pretty chair is made of secondhand stuff.

If the seat is less attractive, you bisa turn it by giving flower ornaments from a mine cord or can also wrap it in a perca be beautifully patterned. You can customize the appearance yourself as creatively as you can.


So how to make a chair out of ban used. Have a good time trying the tutorial and hopefully it will be helpful for you.

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