Minimalist Rooftop Garden Tips, Could Be Family Gathering Places!

Minimalist Rooftop Garden Tips, Could Be Family Gathering Places!

Initially the use of rooftops only applies to commercial buildings, such as cafes, restaurants, cottages, hotels, etc. However, the lay community often uses rooftops as a place to dry clothes. In fact, it’s not uncommon for those who have absolutely no use in the existence of rooftop.

As time goes by, many societies are now beginning to make the most of the existence of rooftop. Rooftop it self is a flat roof in the form of a concret in a minimalist modern style house, which is now starting to be planned more carefully..Rooftop garden is basically a garden that is in the area house. The goal is to produce clean water, add green land to the house, and could be used as a relaxing place with family.

Rooftop Garden Minimalist Tips

Before making the rooftop garden at Moms’ house, it’s good to pay attentionright first some tips are below!

Structure and Construction of Roofs to Be Strong

The most important thing when going to make rooftop garden is make sure sthe truckure and roof construction of the Moms house must be strong to withstand the burden of plants, soil, water and perabotan and furniture that will later be laid down.

Safely, use iron-reinforced concrete cast material to forcepower the roof while buffering and holding the load on it. With concrete castings, Moms will freely desesain rooftop garden with any themed design.

Install the Water Installation

In addition to the structure and construction of the roof building, there is an inst installationallocation of waterways which must also be observed.Although Moms uses pot planting media, but this water installation it’s important to avoid water shaking because of the rain.In addition, the installation of tap water or clean water shall also be bleacheduntukto Moms water the plants.

Coat the Roof with Waterproofing

To prevent water from seeping into the room that is under the roof. Moms can coat the roof with waterproofing material.By using waterproofing material, then the room below the roof could have avoided moisture.For the waterproofing coating process there are several layers that are inneed to, starting with vapor control, thermal insulation, support panel, and more.Although it looks a bit troublesome, this process is very important so that the rooftop garden can be preserved and not easily damaged.

Select the Right Growing Media

Choosing a growing medium also needs to be taken into consideration so that it will grow later growan can grow well.Most people would choose red soil and humus as a medium plant it. But make sure that the soil contains pH around 5-7.Moms can also use coconut coir, rice husk, to chaff set fire to When selecting this growing medium, adjust it to the type of plants that Moms will grow in the roofs.

Customize with Budget

Lastly is adjust roofop garden creation to budget the possessed. It is best to consult with architects and builders who will consult me in advancemake a rooftop garden at Moms’ house aand then calculate the cost that will be incurred later.


So tips on designing rooftop gardens, hopefully this article is benefit for those of you who are looking for tips for designing rooftop gardens. Thank you.

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